Slit strips

High quality slit strip.

Slit strip in a wide range of types and finishes, including colour-coated, are produced efficiently and with close tolerances on our modern, automatic facilities. Precisely cut edges and meticulously treated surfaces meet even the most demanding specifications. Lamination on one or both sides can be provided on all variants. We organise the packaging and loading of slit strip products according to customer preference.

Slit strips
Slit strips

More than just a surface.

Products made from steel coil serve as a cost-efficient base material for components in numerous branches of industry.

Our customers require different surfaces depending on the method of further processing. Beginning with the pure hot-dip galvanised metallic surfaces such as galvanised steel, Aluzinc or zinc-magnesium through to the coil coated surfaces such as polyester, PVDF, Granite® HDX and others. The list below contains all further information about the different surfaces:

Our inventory range brings colours into play.

The requirements are getting more and more individual, and the materials more diverse than ever before. Metallic surfaces and a few coil coated standard colours haven’t been able to cut the mustard for some time, unable to satisfy the wishes of the wide range of branches in the industry and construction. Our range of surfaces is just as wide as the range of branches, and our coil coating material stock comes in over 140 customary RAL colour shades – and we keep all of them in stock. Swift and straightforward delivery also plays a prominent role.