PVDF (25 µm)

PVDF coating (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a process used for high-quality, premium construction products. With its superior UV resistance (RUV 4), good corrosion resistance (RC 3), outstanding flexibility during the forming process as well as resistance to chemicals, it is particularly suitable for aesthetically demanding building façades as well as for outside wall cladding solutions. Amongst the many available coating options, a PVDF surface offers a durable solution with far greater colour stability than polyester coating, for instance.


Coating composition – PVDF

Coating composition – PVDF
Coating composition – PVDF

Coil coating

The coil coating process coats flat sheets (coils) with liquid paint. Coil coating is the most economic, environment-friendly and reliable process there is for producing coated materials in large amounts. The distinguishing features of the final coil-coated product are high corrosion resistance, good formability as well as a decorative and high-quality appearance. The multi-layer composition of the paint coating is produced with absolute uniformity in a continuous process on state-of-the-art systems that maintain process conditions at a constant level (see above graphic). After being cleaned, degreased, rinsed, pretreated and rinsed again, the galvanised steel core is forwarded for a priming coat (primer) to be applied and then finally coated with the coloured top coat, which is baked on at approx. 250  C. A protective foil is applied partially to the cooled sheet, which is then recoiled. 

Now, the finished coil is ready for delivery or further mechanical processing to be turned into slit strips, sheets or cut-to-size sheets:

Product overview

We sell coils, slit strips, sheets and sheets cut-to-size.

There is hardly a material which is used so frequently in the processing industries than steel sheet. In most cases, however, purchasing ex-works is not a possibility. As a steel service centre, we close the gap between the production in the smelter and the need of the end user through processing technology and logistical means. 

Our company manufacture, process and store flat steel products according to your needs and in numerous types and finishes. Our products can be obtained as coils, slit strips, sheets or sheets cut-to-size.

State-of-the-art systems and forward-looking product portfolio offer our customers a peace of mind regarding the delivery capacity and guarantee a constantly reliable supply with top-quality flat steel products.

Our inventory range brings colours into play.

The requirements are getting more and more individual, and the materials more diverse than ever before. Metallic surfaces and a few coil coated standard colours haven’t been able to cut the mustard for some time, unable to satisfy the wishes of the wide range of branches in the industry and construction. Our range of surfaces is just as wide as the range of branches, and our coil coating material stock comes in over 140 customary RAL colour shades – and we keep all of them in stock. Swift and straightforward delivery also plays a prominent role. 

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